When it comes to architectural and interiors photography, it not only takes someone who understands lines, composition and the technical aspect of operating a camera, but also someone who TRULY understands the practices of architecture and interior design. Someone who speaks "architect." Having been in the industry for over  15 years as the marketing coordinator, lead graphic designer, and in-house photographer/videographer for one of the top architecture and interior design firms on the West Coast, Casey most definitely "speaks architect.”

In Portland, Oregon, it seems there is someone with a camera around every corner. Some of them are beyond incredible, some are good enough and will do a fine job, and some are best to stay away from. When looking for a photographer, videographer, or graphic designer, only you can decide if they are "beyond incredible" and that you absolutely MUST work with them. With his relaxed demeanor, gentle nature, and creative flair, Casey tends to be "beyond incredible" for most he meets.

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